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My Background


Since my earliest memories,  I've loved the outdoors and camping.  My love grew  for the outdoors in 1990 when I moved to the Mountains of NC to attend Appalachian State University. My outdoor passion became a lifestyle, then became my career. Over the years, my camping and building skills evolved while working as a rep in the outdoor sports industry. In 2008 I built my first true custom camper van (without the benefit of modern day social media/ #vanlife blogs). Since then,  I've been obsessed with the tiny house movement/ Van camping/ renewable energy industry.  In the last few years I've renovated an RV, a truck camper, and a  1955 vintage airstream.  I upgraded them all to be more modern, efficient campers, using technology and design to make the camping experience better.  I'm following my passion in life to become a full time custom camper van builder. I love the traveling  adventure van lifestyle, and think my experience, craftsmanship, and  knowledge, will help build the best custom camper van for you.

Why Ram Promaster


I chose Ram Promaster as the basis for my camper conversions for multiple reasons over other Van options.  The initial  cost of ownership is much lower than a similar Mercedes Sprinter.  Reliability and affordable service costs also make this  vehicle the reason  many  choose the Promaster as their custom camper.   When you camp  in the winter,  the front wheel drive  assists in driving in snowy/ icy conditions, unlike the Ford Transit. The van has plenty of power and averages around 18MPG, not to mention the turning radius is best in class! You can park the Promaster in a normal parking spot,  which is something many Class B campers can't do. Being able to park anywhere  in a busy  city or tight parking lot is critical. I choose the 159 wheelbase, with tall roof. You can easily stand up inside, up to a person that's 6 foot 3.  The Ram Promaster makes an excellent adventure van mobile.

Van build philosophy


Hundreds of hours of research go into my builds. Thankfully the internet is FULL of design inspiration (#vanlife)!  My mission is to build affordable  and quality "turn-key" custom vans  with simple, yet efficient design for comfort and storage.  I love the "stealth" camping aspect of the promoter with minimal windows, able to camp in cities without drawing attention. The interior layout of the van  enhances your camping experience, giving you more time to enjoy the outdoors and not wasting time with setup/ breakdown. While wood is my favorite medium,  I like to use a variety of types of wood, textures, and colors that compliment each other.  I fully insulate the van to help keep you comfortable during harsh hot/cold environments. Each van is solar powered so you can enjoy camping off the grid or in remote places for extended lengths without ever having to plug in. My style of build leans toward  modern rustic, but I can build you any style that fits your needs and design, I love the creative aspect

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